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Our Clients include:

  • FedEx
  • Correctional Service of Canada
  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
  • US Airways
  • East Baton Rouge School District
  • Northwest Airlines / IBT 2000
  • Continental Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Air Canada Jazz
  • United Parcel Service / IPA
  • Airborne Express / Teamsters 1221
  • AFA - Assoc. of Flight Attendants
  • ALPA - Airline Pilots Association
  • BC Transit Corp.
  • Power Wood Corp.
  • WA State CISM Network
  • Southern California Safety Institute
  • First Nations Emergency Services Society

What people are saying:

The following are excerpts of evaluations received from previous course participants, and represent the opinions of various Line Staff, Managers, Union Representatives and Mental Health Professionals, from a variety of organizations and work environments:

"A dynamic facilitator - kept the training interesting. Thank you!" (Correctional Services)

"My expectations were high, but the class was better, deeper than I expected. The best use of role-play I have ever seen. This class blew me away! Excellent!" (Airline)

"Far exceeded my expectations as each day unfolded. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I now have the confidence to apply the skills learned to the best of my abilities." (Customs Inspection)

"Greg Janelle and Cristina Cullens were wonderful facilitators. On target, totally professional." (Airline)

"I was pleasantly surprised at the valuable training. I expected a lot of touchy-feely psychobabble but the course was practically oriented and skills based. Thanks!" (Airline)

"Greg Janelle is an excellent facilitator who clearly knows his material. He is able to present it in a manner that communicates the essence of a difficult subject." (Correctional Services)

"Greg Janelle and Dr. Cristina Cullens are superb! They kept the course informational and interesting. It's extremely difficult to keep someone's attention for 20+ hours and they did great." (Airline)

"Mr. Janelle was very well received by Corrections staff...He is very personable, and a skilled trainer. His depth of knowledge of CISM is extensive and evident, and he presents the material in a very polished, professional and sometimes humourous fashion which makes the training a pleasurable and valuable experience." (Correctional Services)

"Greg Janelle and Cristina Cullens are extremely knowledgeable professionals - I feel I learned a lot in this training. Excellent course." (Airline)

"Exceeded expectations. I typically have a short attention span and get bored/distracted easily in training seminars - this DID NOT happen in this training - due largely to Greg Janelle's presentation style!!!" (Customs Inspection)

"Greg Janelle and Cristina Cullens are unparalleled and unequalled in their credibility. They are superb - professional, yet down-to-earth and able to meet each of us on our own level. This was priceless!" (Airline)

"The highlight is Greg Janelle and his wealth of expertise directly tailored and applicable to our needs and program at (airline). We need to continue this working relationship. Thank you!" (Airline Union)

"Rate this 10 out of 5! Excellent course. Presenter was fabulous - professional, with excellent use of humor, focusing, paraphrasing, etc. Thank you!" (Correctional Services)

(Would you recommend this course to a colleague?) "Yes, definitely. The exercises and demonstrations throughout the course helped extremely in understanding the process of stress and trauma and how to help people cope." (Airline)

"Although the CISM Basic training was in accordance with the standards and specifications of the ICISF, Mr. Janelle again made every effort to tailor his presentation to the Corrections environment, as well as sharing his experiences of CISM in the aviation industry which added an interesting dimension to our training experience. Some examples of how he tailored his training to meet our needs was evident in the way he incorporated some of our terminology and references to our policies in his PowerPoint™ presentation, and as well, in the role plays he created using scenarios with a Correctional perspective." (Correctional Services)

"The instructors were fantastic, well spoken, easy to listen to and follow. Very professional in attitude and appearance." (Airline)

"This has been a wonderful eye opening and learning experience… a must for any supervisor or manager." (Airline)

"This course was, by all accounts, the best training we all had a chance to attend in our careers. What a great course and what an inspiring trainer Greg Janelle is!" (Customs Inspection)

"Greg Janelle is outstanding. He is a pleasure to listen to and most informative. He shines, he's polished and after listening to many speakers in my long career I now know the difference between an amateur and a professional!" (Airline)

(Did the course meet your expectations?) "Yes and more! Excellent presentation by expert facilitator! Covered the topic in more depth than other CISM courses." (Correctional Services)

"Surpassed my expectations. Greg Janelle was captivating in his approach. Dr. Cullens was knowledgeable and lent incredible credence to this program. Excellent team." (Airline)

"The instructors were very good at explaining this program in layman's terms and not another "language". They keep it simple but right to the point. Very good choice and hope to see them again." (Airline)

"Once again, I want to re-affirm how useful and enjoyable the training was. Greg Janelle is "a natural" and made participating easy." (Correctional Services)

"Greg Janelle and Cristina Cullens were excellent teachers. They explained the content in a clear, concise manner that was easy to understand and process. I believe they gave me the tools to apply it to real life situations." (Airline)

"I thought Greg Janelle was an excellent representative for this. He had insight as well as an enthusiasm for his topic. His timing was amazing, and much appreciated." (Customs Inspection)

"I really enjoyed the facilitators. Being former airline, they were familiar with the process and able to apply this information to our industry. Wonderful job!" (Airline)

"Greg Janelle is an excellent speaker and presents an excellent course. He captures your attention and holds onto it for the duration. His knowledge and command of the course content shows and he clearly enjoys presenting the material. Great course and thank you." (Customs Inspection)

"Both facilitators were great! The skills I learned and "sharpened" will allow me to better communicate and listen. I would recommend this program for all Inflight Supervisors and others…Thanks!" (Airline)

"Greg Janelle is one of the best presenters I have ever experienced. He has a passion for the subject and many great stories. Great use of appropriate humor. Great job." (Customs Inspection)

"Greg Janelle and Cristina Cullens were very attentive and even went out of their way to get me a copy of a quote I wanted. (Course) was very advanced and detailed on categories that I was familiar with but more information and situations were covered. Great job of instruction - very entertaining and great at keeping everyone's attention. Hats off to you." (Airline)

"Greg Janelle is a great presenter - effective, clearly gets message across, wonderful use of humor" (Customs Inspection)

"I didn't know what to expect coming in, but I feel armed with the basic tools to act in a situation now." (Airline)

"Mr. Janelle is a very skilled trainer and is obviously very knowledgeable in CISM. I highly recommend him for the delivery of ICISF certified CISM training." (Correctional Services)

"Quality of instruction was above and beyond! Greg Janelle and Cristina Cullens are extremely knowledgeable as well as personable." (Airline)

"Yes, I would recommend this course - the lessons learned can be helpful to anyone." (Airline)

"CISM Evaluation Report: Yes, would use again Trainer, very dynamic, team player, well-resourced, excellent delivery of course material." (Customs Inspection)

"Instructors were extremely knowledgeable and fluid in their delivery of material - they were an excellent team." (Airline)

"Bravo!" (Airline)

"I had heard this was an excellent course and I absolutely agree. It is invaluable." (Airline)

"Greg Janelle has developed a beautiful program. You are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" (Airline)

"This course was dynamite because of Dr. Cristina Cullen's comfortable expertise and Greg Janelle's mastery of the subject." (Airline)

"Greg Janelle is a wonderful teacher/facilitator. He keeps the class motivated by his wit and storytelling ability. His knowledge base is out of this world." (Airline)

"This course was wonderful. I have learned so much and I look forward to more training and refresher in the future." (Airline)

"Greg Janelle was exceptional at maintaining interest, expressing points, teaching. A well facilitated course." (Airline)

"The two instructors, aside from being highly skilled and effective, are thoroughly enjoyable, delightful people." (Airline)

"Greg Janelle holds everyone's attention and makes CISM training most interesting as he understands (our) challenges. He has respect, warmth and real sincerity when delivering sensitive material and very important points (airline specific) to Flight Attendants, Managers and Union Reps alike." (Airline)

"This was challenging and interesting. I feel a whole new world was opened up for me by Greg Janelle and Cristina Cullens, who did an exceptional job. They are true training pros and I gained a lot by experiencing them as people as well as their excellent course." (Airline)

"Greg Janelle was a fantastic facilitator. His presentation skills were fluid, easy to follow and very well organized. Even his tone of voice and delivery of speech was calming and competent." (Airline)

"Gregory Janelle and Dr. Cristina Cullens presented a very well structured, informative and interesting course of instruction. It was well worth the investment of time and money and I'm sure it will pay big dividends to the employees and the company in future." (Airline)

"Highly informative and I really enjoyed the instructor's expertise, feedback and great teaching style." (Airline)

"A superlative presentation in every respect." (Airline)

"Greg Janelle was knowledgeable, professional, humorous and very articulate. Dr. Cullens was compassionate and presented the course in real life terms, not psycho-techno language that I could not have related to." (Airline)

"The course more than met my expectations. The special focus to the industry was thoughtfully and thoroughly presented and engaged the group." (Airline)

"Top notch professionalism and excellent course material and presentation." (Airline)

"High quality instructors. Natural and not pretentious. Knowledgeable and realistic." (Airline)

"It was a very interesting and pleasurable experience. The teachers were very clear, friendly, approachable and in one word: great!" (Airline)

"The course was above my expectations and one of the most professionally presented and effective I have ever attended." (Airline)